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Backup Software for Professionals

ViceVersa is designed to make backup of your data fast and easy. 

Backups are essential for all data. To "backup files" is to make copies of files (replication/mirroring) and store them on a separate media to be used in case the primary files are lost or corrupted. It means that your files are safe and secure. You never know when your hard disk may crash or be attacked by a virus. You can feel secure knowing that ViceVersa has made a backup copy of all your data to a secondary location.

With ViceVersa, you choose where you want to backup your data to. You can backup your data to different types of media such as a USB drives, external hard drives, to the LAN/network, to NAS, to CD/DVD, etc. Backup files can be stored compressed to save space and/or encrypted for security reasons, especially when the backup files are stored on portable hard disks.

ViceVersa PRO makes backup easy by allowing you to create profiles (descriptions of what and where you want to back up your data to). You can schedule backups to run hourly, daily, weekly, it is up to you.

Where older backup tools took hours to backup data, ViceVersa makes backup of your files and folders fast because it detects and copies only those that have changed from the last backup. And with the innovative ViceVersa comparison window, you can clearly see which files have changed, which have been deleted etc.

The PRO version of the ViceVersa software offers a vaste array of options for advanced users: you can control bandwidth and amount of CPU used by the backup process, you can copy files even if they are in use (e.g. Outlook files, Quicken files, SQL/database files, etc.), you can verify file's CRC values after copying to make sure your backup fils are integer, you can run custom scripts before and after the backup opration, you can keep multiple version of backup files (file archiving), run ViceVersa as a service on a server or on a client.

ViceVersa PRO is the perfect backup solution for all users. From single users to corporations, ViceVersa makes securing your data easy, fast and reliable.

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