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Visual File Comparison

Compare files and folders visually with ViceVersa PRO software and display all differences side-by-side. From a few files to several million.

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Compare Files and Folders

Compare two or more folders and see all differences. With ViceVersa you can compare files and folders visually, side-by-side, and reconcile all their differences.

Side-by-Side View

A hierarchical view makes it very easy to spot differences between files in folders and subfolders. ViceVersa will clearly show which files are the same, older or newer on each side. Show Me

Folder Snapshots

Use ViceVersa to save snapshots of folders to a file and then compare the folders vs the saved snapshots at a later time to check for any changes. Learn more about Folder Snapshots

Compare Source Code

You can use ViceVersa to compare source code, keep file and folders in sync, compare program output and validate copies of your files.

Compare Files' Contents

You can use CRC or SHA to compare and verify your files. You can compare and verify your files based on their size, timestamp and / or CRC.

Handle Millions of Files

Through the years, we have designed ViceVersa to be able to handle millions of files easily, not just a few thousand like other software.

Reconcile Files

Reconcile files manually, or use one of the five automatic reconciliation methods: Synchronization, Backup, Mirroring, Replication or Consolidation.

Works Everywhere

ViceVersa works with files on any media: hard-disks, USB disks, flash drives, NAS, DVD, CD, etc, over network, LAN, VPN, SMB.

Fully Featured

Encryption, Compression, Bandwidth Control, File Archiving, Password Protection, File Verification, File Permissions and a lot more.

Proven and Reliable

With 20 years of experience, ViceVersa is the ultimate file comparison software, built to compare millions of files and folders with ease.

Fully Compatible with Windows

ViceVersa is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, incl. Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 2008, 2003.

New Version 5 Released

New features. Enhanced performance. Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 What's New

Use ViceVersa PRO in combination with CompareAndMerge for the ultimate file and folder compare solution.

Compare files and folders side-by-side

See what's possible with ViceVersa

Is ViceVersa the right software for me?

You can try ViceVersa PRO completely free for 30 days, no credit card required. Simply download and install ViceVersa in seconds. All ViceVersa downloads are 100% fully-functional for 30 days.
'Try-before-buy' software allows you to evaluate applications such as ViceVersa to see if they suit your needs. After the trial you can purchase a license code online with immediate delivery via E-Mail or just uninstall. Download
ViceVersa is proven, dependable software with 20 years' experience. You can download, install and use ViceVersa with confidence. ViceVersa is lightweight and not bloatware: our downloads are only a few megabytes.
Through the years we have designed ViceVersa to be able to manage millions of files not just a few thousands like other similar software.
You will be able to sync, backup, replicate millions of files in interactive or in automated mode on PCs, laptops, desktops, but also on large Windows Servers.
You will be able to show the full file comparison side-by-side without delays, even with millions of files to process. This is just one of the key differences between ViceVersa and other similar software.
At TGRMN Software, we guarantee that all our downloads, installers and software products are of the highest quality and:

TGRMN Software has been selling ViceVersa PRO and VVEngine since 2001, our users trust us and you too can trust all our products. You can download, install and use ViceVersa PRO and VVEngine with confidence.

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