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Synchronize Files and Folders: Step by Step

It is very easy to synchronize files and folders with ViceVersa PRO.

This article shows how to use ViceVersa PRO for visual file synchronization. Beside visual file synchronization, ViceVersa can also be setup to run on-demand, at scheduled times, every x minutes, or continuously, while monitoring files for changes.

Step 1: Select Source and Target folders.

Step 2: Click the 'Compare' button. The Comparison Window opens. Files and folders are shown side-by-side. Files are clearly marked as newer, older, added or removed since the last synchronization.

Step 3: Select 'Synchronization' as execution method (or Backup, or Replication) and then click the 'Execute' button.

Done! Your source and target folders are synchronized. 

Note that all your settings can be saved to a file for the next time you start ViceVersa.

You can also copy / delete individual files or group of files by using the context menu (right mouse-button click over a file)

User Comments
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Remco -  29-Apr-05
I'd have liked to know if deep comparisons are supported, i.e. if subdirs are recursed.
TGRMN Software -  09-May-05
Yes, subfolders are recursed.
Tim -  16-Jun-05
Can you verify the changes that are made in the sets? For example, is there a GUI tool that will let me compare the sets to make sure everything that has changed has been backed up?
TGRMN Software -  16-Jun-05
This is one of the strengths of ViceVersa. Beside running synchronization, backup and replication in the background automatically, ViceVersa can also visualize source and target and make sure that the copy is 100% valid. You can select CRC comparison, in which case the files will be compared bit by bit.
Zach -  18-Jul-05
How does one setup shared network paths that require a separate username and password, e.g. if the share is
and the username is
Thanks in advance.
TGRMN Software -  18-Jul-05
Zach, if the share is not already mapped and requires a different user/password, in ViceVersa PRO 1.3.1 you can setup a specific batch to run before execution; in the batch you map the network with the 'Net Use' command, with user and password. If the user is the same as the one running ViceVersa but the password is different you can also use the Windows credential manager.
Martin Shin -  20-Jul-05
Is there bit level comparison and synchronization or is the entire file copied again?

TGRMN Software -  22-Jul-05
ViceVersa is "client-only" software: it will do a standard file copy when it needs to update the target file.
Matt -  22-Aug-05
I'd like to keep files on my destop and laptop synched, with the exception of some very large data files that can stay on the desktop. Is there a "filter" that I could use, or am I best off keeping the data files in a separate directory?
TGRMN Software -  01-Sep-05
In ViceVersa PRO you can filter files based on size. See profile settings -> file filters -> date/size filters
andy -  19-Sep-05
Will there be future support for MD5 or similar file verification?
Chase -  23-Sep-05
I'm having problems using the Synchronization Method. When i delete something on my desktop it replaces it with the file from my laptop when i wish it would delete them both. What settings do i need to have in to place for this to happen?
TGRMN Software -  25-Sep-05
Only ViceVersa PRO supports this functionality. Use the "Synchronization" method.
TGRMN Software -  25-Sep-05
Andy: currently MD5 verification is not planned.
Salvator -  07-Oct-05
I'd like to keep files on my Server and laptop synched, with the exception of some data files older than 1/1/2005 that can stay on the Server. Is there a "filter" that I could use ?
Gilles MISSLIN -  07-Oct-05
Is ViceVersa supporting command line in order to execute a synchronization operation every day?
Thanks a lot,
TGRMN Software -  12-Oct-05
Salvator, ViceVersa PRO can filter files based on timestamp.
TGRMN Software -  12-Oct-05
Gilles, yes, ViceVersa supports command line options.
Gee -  06-Mar-06
What is the process to backup files over a Internet Connection??
Jim -  16-Mar-06
Does ViceVersa work across firewall? If yes, does it depened on Windows "file saring" type ports to be open?

Thanks in advance.
Yurok -  11-Apr-06
I need to overwrite PC2 with PC1's files and folders, but keep PC1 updated files untouched. What's the best method to use? Thanks.
TGRMN Software -  12-Apr-06
To work over an Internet connection ViceVersa requires VPN to be available between the 2 computers.
TGRMN Software -  12-Apr-06
Yurok, The best method in ViceVersa PRO is File Backup (Mirror Source to Target).
matt -  12-Apr-06
Some of our users with laptops need to have network based Access database files synchronized. While they are working offline they can make changes to this laptop database version while other users are editing the network based file. Will ViceVersa handle this?
TGRMN Software -  12-Apr-06
Matt, if a file changes both in source AND in target in between synchronisations, it will be marked as a conflict. ViceVersa will not sync the file. I think you are looking for software that can synchronize database records.
Bill -  20-Apr-06
Does ViceVersa provide an easy way to create a shortcut that will run a particular synchronization job -- no user interaction necessary except to run the shortcut?

Is the manual available online?
Tim G. -  27-Apr-06
Does ViceVersa run as an application or as a service? If as a service, how does it handle network attached drives (\\server\folder\ with an id/pw required)
TGRMN Software -  04-May-06
Yes, a "shortcut manager" is included in ViceVersa PRO: it will create easy to use ViceVersa PRO shortcuts. The help file is included in the software download.
TGRMN Software -  04-May-06
VV can be run as a Windows service if required. You can set ViceVersa to login into the network with user and password before sync/backup/replication.
Tim -  10-Aug-06
VVLauncher is the software I have been searching for a long time. As indicated on your website, VVLauncher is included in the ViceVersa Pro download. I downloaded. How can I enable this feature.

Thanks in advance.
TGRMN Software -  15-Aug-06
After installing ViceVersa PRO 2, VVLauncher can be found under "Start"->"All Programs"->"ViceVersa PRO 2"->"Tools"
john -  28-Aug-06
How do I get vv pro to activate on shutting down pc?
TGRMN Software -  19-Sep-06
Use VVLauncher. This tool is installed with VV PRO. You can find it under START->All Programs->ViceVersa PRO 2->Tools
Gert -  19-Sep-06
Is it possible to do a quick sync of just one of lets say.. 5 folders in a profile? Normally i would sync the whole thing, but i now just made some changes in one specific folder, so i'd only want VV to sync only the folder which contains my changes. Then i don't have to wait until VV finishes the rather time-consuming comparison stage of all folders contained in my set...
Koral -  20-Sep-06
Besides adding new files to and deleting deleted files from the target, does ViceVersa also update the folder structure in the target, moving/renaming folders and files moved/renamed in the source?
TGRMN Software -  24-Sep-06
Gert, that is currently not possible, but it is a very nice idea! A workaround is to define a different profile for each folder pair.
TGRMN Software -  24-Sep-06
Koral, renamed/moved files/folders are deleted then copied.
Tom -  25-Sep-06
When I synchronize, the Windows "create date" of the target files is the date of the synchronization. Is there a way to have the "create date" of the target files remain the same as that of the source files? (I often search for correspondence based on when it was created/modified and if the create date of my target files is changed, then I can't do this.)
TGRMN Software -  25-Sep-06
The "Created" date is not modified by ViceVersa, it is set by Windows. ViceVersa only copies the "Modified" date.
Jacko -  07-Oct-06
Lately I have purchase the ViceVersa PRO.

I have a shared folder in the server. This shared folder is to be accessed by 3 persons via mapping of the E drive. All 3 persons will need to update to this folder's files randomly via VPN connection. I want to make sure all 3 person's laptop can get the latest update file by any 3 of them?

1. Does the laptop's local time plays a part in ViceVersa comparison?

2. What is the strategy to tackle above situation? sync or backup?

3. How do I go ahead doing it?
TGRMN Software -  10-Oct-06
1. Does the laptop's local time plays a part in ViceVersa comparison?

> yes, you need to keep the PC clocks updated. ViceVersa includes a clock synchronization tool. Windows XP also.

2. What is the strategy to tackle above situation? sync or backup?

> synchronization

3. How do I go ahead doing it?

> Install VV on each Pc (you will need 3 licenses) and setup a sync profile vs. the shared folder on the network. The profile can be scheduled or run manually by the users.
Bluerhinoceros -  07-Dec-06
I wish to set up two IIS servers using MS clustering for high availability. Will ViceVersa allow me to synchronize the IIS content, as well as MySQL databases, in real time?

TGRMN Software -  07-Dec-06
ViceVersa will synchronize files (older files overwritten with newer files), but not records within MySQL databases. If a file changes on both sides, in between synchronizations, it is marked as a conflict.
Andy -  15-Dec-06
Probably a dumb question....but I'll ask anyway.
VVP2 - I am moving a file from folder A Source to folder B Target. Folder B is a watch folder and the file will be removed and processed. Next time the scheduler runs I want to update the target only if files have been added to the source AND never been moved before. Can I use the sync db and not resend if it's been sent before.
TGRMN Software -  15-Dec-06
Good question! This is currently not possible with ViceVersa PRO 2. VV compares source and target in order to decide which files to copy.
Klaus -  20-Dec-06
I want to synchronise files with VVP2 between desktop and laptop via bluetooth. Where can I get help how to do this?
TGRMN Software -  20-Dec-06
Try searching for 'connect two computers with bluetooth' on the web; there are few tutorials showing how to connect computers with bluetooth.
andy -  08-Jan-07
I want ViceVersa to automatically synchronize whenever I plug in / out my USB drive. Is this possible?
TGRMN Software -  08-Jan-07
Yes, you need to use VVEngine for that. VVEngine can detect drives.
Alex -  15-Jan-07
I have a Windows 2003 server with a lot of folders and files. It has more than 200k files in different folders and I need to copy each hour only the new/changed files to another server with same file system structure.
Of course I don't want to overload CPU or file system. Can your software do it?
TGRMN Software -  16-Jan-07
Yes, ViceVersa can do that; with ViceVersa you can also control bandwidth and copy speed so the CPU and the file system are not overloaded during the file copy.
Eric -  25-Jan-07
We have about 40 remote users that we would like to backup to our data center on a daily basis. These users are sales reps that spend a lot of time in airports and hotels across the country with inconsistent Internet access. We are looking for software that can detect when that connection is available and begin a backup automatically. Is this possible?
TGRMN Software -  26-Jan-07
Yes, VVEngine (more info about VVEngine in this Knowledge Base) will detect the availability of a remote folder and start backup or sync accordingly.
Ian Smith -  05-Feb-07
Hi - I'm currently evaluating ViceVersa for my company as an alternative to Windows off-line folders (which seems unstable on our LAN set-up). I want to be able to maintain a sub-set of files and folders that reside on the LAN Servers (Source) on my lap-top (Target). So far the product looks great. However, I can't figure out how to easily select just a single file from a low level folder. I can do it by setting up the path then marking every other file as excluded, but this seems very inefficient. I tried using just the "include" file filter but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
TGRMN Software -  06-Feb-07
Try doing it by setting up the folder path as source and then include only the file to be copied. -  08-Feb-07
On Demand use:
Im assuming I can invoke the replication from a command line batch file, passing it a profile name, to cause a single pass replication?

I want to have a folder replicated from target server to client when a user logs onto the client, and replicate client back to server when the user logs off. Should be able to do this with logon logoff scripts, correct?
(The client is a Citrix Server)

Can the folder name being replicated be a variable based on the user name? In other words, can the folder names be passed as command line variables, or if they are stored in the profile, can they be substituted iwth a user name string within the profile? Id prefer not to have to create a profile for every user.
Collecting Information -  12-Feb-07
Is the Synchronize instant or is a timed action. I am thinking of using this for website synchronization, staging > live box 1 & staging > live box 2. Do you see any problems with this? Thank you.
TGRMN Software -  13-Feb-07 - Yes, ViceVersa can be invoked from the command line with a profile specified. You may also use "folder variables" in a profile and specify the user as a variable. See the VV PRO help file for more info on folder variables, thanks.
TGRMN Software -  13-Feb-07
Collecting Information - you can setup file synchronization to be manual, scheduled, real-time... check out the VVEngine add-on tool.
Mike -  15-Mar-07
Is there a way to backup/replicate user's private folders -- folder on which domain admins don't have access. In other words, can it use the windows backup api to access folders with a backup operators group account and get past the NTFS security to copy files?
TGRMN Software -  30-Mar-07
Yes, ViceVersa PRO will activate the backup privilege so if the account running ViceVersa PRO is an admin or a backup operator, ViceVersa PRO will have access to all files, regardless of their security attributes.
Roy -  04-Apr-07
If I have files A,B,C say on drive 'D' and files A,B,C,D,F on drive 'L' and I synchronise the drives are files D&F removed from the 'L' drive?
TGRMN Software -  20-Apr-07
Hi, the first time it runs, ViceVersa PRO will add the missing files to the other side. Then, the next times it runs, ViceVersa PRO will detect if files are deleted from one side and delete the same files from the other side. All of this, if the synchronization method is used.
chrisw -  30-May-07
can you do rapid incremental backups? thanks
TGRMN Software -  04-Jun-07
Yes, ViceVersa will copy only changed files each time it runs.
Dick -  14-Jun-07
Does it makes sense to have multiple profiles? I have run into situations where I would like to lock one source file while maintaining a sync between others. I assume that I could run multiple profiles automatically. Please advise.
TGRMN Software -  15-Jun-07
Yes, you can run multiple profiles automatically using the VVEngine add-on (or VVScheduler).
Gareth -  25-Jun-07
I am trying to replicate files across 2 drives in a win2k3 server. Will VV retain the NTFS permissions on a per folder/file basis ?
This looks like a great product.
TGRMN Software -  26-Jun-07
Yes, but source and target must be part of the same domain and source and target root folders must have the same permissions to start with. thanks
Tom -  25-Oct-07
I would like to know what happens when a mirrored or backed up directory is deleted from ther server by accident.

Are the files in the backup deleted automatically
dan -  01-Nov-07
i was wondering if database software and *.mdb files can be backed up while users are accessing/using them?
TGRMN Software -  02-Nov-07
Yes, using VSS, please see
TGRMN Software -  02-Nov-07
Hello Tom,

yes, the files are deleted from the mirror, but they can be moved to the archive, using the archiving settings (in the profile settings)
If you do not want the files to be deleted from the mirror, use one of the replication methods, thanks!
Marco Flores -  18-Feb-08
Is it possible, that i configure a Folder A with backup method, and a Folder B with synchronization?
TGRMN Software -  25-Feb-08
Yes, you need to setup two profiles for that. thanks -  16-Mar-08
What I want to do is set up the capability to copy everything I do including changes from my laptop to a USB drive. I want to automate it and have two copies of my complete laptop hard drive. Will Vice Versa Pro do this?
TGRMN Software -  16-Mar-08
Yes, ViceVersa PRO can do that. thanks
Djuna -  01-May-08
I have 2 500Gb drives that I would like to back across 4 300Gb drives. Can Vice Versa span each source disk across 2 targets, with the "overflow" occurring automatically?
TGRMN Software -  05-May-08
No, ViceVersa does not span across targets.
Bonnie -  11-Jun-08
I want to have the files on my laptop and desktop be the same, using a USB memory stick for transport. Do I need to have a copy of VV on both the laptop and the desktop? I don't think there is room to install VV on the memory stick, which is the conduit between the two systems.
Thanks, BK
TGRMN Software -  24-Jun-08
Yes, the best way is to install ViceVersa on both computers, see also
Nick Beaven -  20-Aug-08
Is it possible to sync from a single master folder to multiple destinations? and if so is it possible to define different sync times for each location?
TGRMN Software -  20-Aug-08
Yes, you can setup multiple profiles and schedule them separately using the VVScheduler tool or VVEngine tool.
az_critter -  14-Sep-08
I like what I see about your software so far. Looks awesome!

I have one question, which I haven't been able to find an answer to yet though.

Say I have 5 folders with similar programs, but some various different files. I want to combine them all into one folder, without changing any of the already established folders.
Can VV create a new folder to copy or synchronize the 5 established folders into one place? If so, how can it be done? If not, what would be the best way to accomplish the 5 into 1?

Thank you much.
TGRMN Software -  15-Sep-08
Hi, you could setup something like:

c:\folderA\folder1 <-> X:\uniquefolder\
c:\folderA\folder2 <-> X:\uniquefolder\
c:\folderB\asubfolder <-> X:\uniquefolder\

each pair in a different profile.
C.S. -  08-Oct-08
Can it handle say a folder structure that has 100 folders with 100 folders in each and 2,000 files per subfolder? Talking about 10,000 folders with 2,000,000 files? If done as when added or modified how could I expect performance to be?
TGRMN Software -  15-Oct-08
Yes, but I would split the job into 2 or 3 profiles to make it more manageable. Subfolders' filters can be used for that. Each profile should handle approx 1 million files.
Seven Berkowitz -  21-Oct-08
Can you copy files from a source directory to a target directory only if they are newer than a specific date?
TGRMN Software -  21-Oct-08
Yes. Use one of the replication methods in ViceVersa PRO plus time/date file filters (in the profile settings).
Alex -  22-Oct-08
Can the Pro version synchronize files on external drives attached to the same PC?
TGRMN Software -  23-Oct-08
Absolutely, yes.
jsumr110 -  26-Jan-09
Can I pause scheduled tasks without deleting them or otherwise changing their function?
TGRMN Software -  30-Jan-09
Yes, it is possible to disable them and then re-enable them when needed.
Marie -  01-Jun-09
Can I completely stop ViceVersa halfway through backup and start again later. Will it continue from where It was stopped?
TGRMN Software -  06-Jun-09
Yes, ViceVersa will continue from where it was stopped.
Kevin -  14-Nov-10
Hello, I was wondering if there was any updates to support Andy's original question "Hi,
Probably a dumb question....but I'll ask anyway.
VVP2 - I am moving a file from folder A Source to folder B Target. Folder B is a watch folder and the file will be removed and processed. Next time the scheduler runs I want to update the target only if files have been added to the source AND never been moved before. Can I use the sync db and not resend if it's been sent before." Thanks!
TGRMN Software -  15-Nov-10
This capability is still not present in ViceVersa.
Brian -  17-Apr-11
Can the "source" be a local drive and the destination be a share accessed via a UNC path? (\\servername\share\subfolder)
TGRMN Software -  17-Apr-11
Yes, absolutely. ViceVersa fully supports UNC paths.
Dan -  22-Sep-12
How do I include sub-folders of my source?
TGRMN Software -  24-Sep-12
The option to include subfolders is in profile settings -> folders (ViceVersa PRO).
Ricardo -  03-Jul-13
We have 2 servers with namespacing, so we need to keep the folders updated.
We need to install VV in the 2 servers, or only in one, with the option synchronize? We have VVlauncher configured to start in file changes.
with namespacing
TGRMN Software -  03-Jul-13
Hi, both options are possible, see PDF document here:
SG -  07-Dec-14
If I want to sync photos between two Windows laptops (XP and Win7) on a home network, do I need the pro version?

Do I need to expose/share the photo directories of each laptop using the Windows share function in order for your software to work? Or does your software have its own peer-to-peer capability?
TGRMN Software -  08-Dec-14
ViceVersa PRO is recommended. Yes, you will need to share the photo directories of each laptop using the Windows share function so that it is visible from the other computer over the network.
Arun -  17-Jul-15
We want to sync the large no.files having size of 1 TB but after starting compare process the server memory is almost completed and memory out of exception. Is there any way or calculation how much memory can we increase for the first time sync process
TGRMN Software -  18-Jul-15
The recommended way is to split the job into a few profiles to run sequentially, see:
jon -  25-Feb-16
how to sync 2 servers where each of them can be a source or target.

ex. Updates in server 1 should sync server 2 or update in server 2 should sync server 1.
TGRMN Software -  25-Feb-16
jon -  25-Feb-16
Hi, can I sync the folder with the following structure:

D:\Data\<Client Name>\Templates

where ClientName is the list of our clients
TGRMN Software -  25-Feb-16
Yes, please use forum to discuss further:
dteoe -  11-Oct-16
I have a source drive where the files are located in a sigle directory.
I want to compare it to the files of a target drive where the files are in multiple directories, without changing the directory structure of the target drive.
Is this possible with viceversa?
TGRMN Software -  11-Oct-16
At the moment ViceVersa will only match files if their sub-folder location is matching too.
Mark -  02-May-17
My task is likely the reverse of the norm. I have a NAS device that I need to replicate to a Windows 2012R2 server. It has millions of files and multiple sub folder levels. I am looking for the most efficient way to continually monitor/replicate new files added the NAS. So far it seems to be a full scan each time. Your thoughts?
TGRMN Software -  02-May-17
Hi, did you try to use the real-time functionality of VVEngine?
Mark -  03-May-17
Hi, thanks for the tip. We are using a VPN so maybe one of those scenarios will be helpful. We'll give it a go.
Eric -  02-Aug-17
I am using ViceVersa Pro and my profile setting is Replication (Refresh Target). The file is being changed to the follow. Is there a way for the file name not to change?

XXXXX- ViceVersa Copy.xml
TGRMN Software -  03-Aug-17
That should not happen... it's a temp file that should be deleted each time, any errors in the profile log?
Andy -  07-Aug-17
Does this work between time zones, if sending and receiving servers were cross-continents? i.e. does it use some form of method to recognize changes other than date/time?
TGRMN Software -  10-Aug-17
For this there's a time offset option that can be set in the profile settings -> comparison.
RJ -  19-Aug-17
Can this program compare folders of photos?
TGRMN Software -  19-Aug-17
Yes, ViceVersa PRO can compare entire folders with sub-folders too and report differences.
Ximena -  04-Dec-18
Can ViceVersa compare files in two locations regardless of the folder structure? I just want o know if I have the same files in two drives, but I don't care if they are under different folders or subfolders.
TGRMN Software -  04-Dec-18
No, ViceVersa can't do that at the moment: the folder structure is always significant.
DD -  11-Jun-20
How do I set up the auto sync feature?
TGRMN Software -  12-Jun-20
VVEngine is the best way:
sdcwefc -  28-Sep-20
I am just trying your software and there are some problems. The software shows me the following failures:

a) cannot access folder SOURCE:/system volume information/. Folder excluded. Do you want to continue?

b) cannot access folder TARGET:/system volume information/. Folder excluded. Do you want to continue?

What does this mean?
TGRMN Software -  29-Sep-20
These are the Recycle Bin of Source and Target and they are being excluded by ViceVersa because inaccessible. This is not a problem.
Kwilk6 -  31-Oct-20
What is the best way to remove the files from the source folder once two folders are synced?
TGRMN Software -  01-Nov-20
If you delete a file/folder from either side, the ViceVersa synchronization method will automatically remove it from the other side too.
Tom -  30-Nov-20
I tried synchronizing 2 folders with dozens of files contained within them. After the synchronization process was completed, VisaVersa did not merge text from one file over to the other. Is there a way to restore these files and folders back to their original state? If so, could you please send instructions as to how to restore the files that I tried synchronizing?
C:\ProgramData\VisaVersaPro\wbd1.tdb"? is this a link to restore these files back to their original state?
Tom K -  30-Nov-20
Does ViceVersa only work with text files? Can it compare and synchronize Excel workbook files?
TGRMN Software -  30-Nov-20
ViceVersa does not merge files, if they have changed on both sides, it will identify them as a conflict.
When ViceVersa reconciles files in a folder, it will copy the newer files over the older files, if they have changed only on one side.
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