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Can ViceVersa Be Set Up for Scheduling?

Yes, you can set up automatic file synchronization, file replication or file backup, using one of the following tools:

1) Use the Windows Task Scheduler and the ViceVersa Command Line (ViceVersa PRO and PLUS). Command line options for ViceVersa are documented in the help file.

2) Use VVScheduler (ViceVersa PRO). VVScheduler is included in the ViceVersa PRO download and can be accessed from the 'Tools' menu. VVScheduler can schedule multiple profiles to run periodically at a certain time.

3) Use VVLauncher (ViceVersa PRO). VVLauncher is included in the ViceVersa PRO download. VVLauncher can schedule one profile at a time and can run it as soon as file changes are detected in folders.

4) Use VVEngine   (ViceVersa PRO). VVEngine is our most advanced scheduling tool for ViceVersa PRO, available as a separate download. With VVEngine you can manage multiple profiles using the Internet Browser; organize profiles into categories; set profiles to run every X minutes, every X hours, every X days; set your profiles to run at startup or as soon as file changes are detected; detect external drives and network connections, re-run profiles on error and much more ... 
Click Here for more information on VVEngine 

See the different tools' capabilities in the Scheduling Comparison Chart

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Carl -  23-Aug-06
Can VVLauncher be set up to control more than just one profile at a time?

- Carl
Cesar -  04-Sep-06
How can I use the Vlauncher to run a profile every day just as the vscheduler?
Vlauncher says that it runs every (x) minutes??? I need Vlauncher to run a profile every day at 3pm... with or without me being logged in as an administrator... I am running on a Windows 2000 server
TGRMN Software -  19-Sep-06
No, but you can use VVEngine for that.
TGRMN Software -  19-Sep-06
Cesar, try VVEngine for that. You can schedule a profile to run daily.
Douglas -  05-May-11
Don't see Windows 2008R2 on the list of supported operating systems under VVScheduler, VVLauncher, or VVEngine. Is Windows Server 2008R2 fully supported also? Thanks!
TGRMN Software -  06-May-11
Yes, Windows Server 2008R2 is fully supported. All versions / editions of Windows are fully supported. I have updated the page, which had old info. thank you.
Stacy -  28-May-15
Do I have to be logged on to the server for vvscheduler to run?
TGRMN Software -  28-May-15
There's an option in each VVScheduler task to "Run only if logged on".

Alternatively you can use the VVEngine instead, and set it up to run as service:
GregSeattle -  25-Aug-16
Can I see the progress of a Scheduled ViceVersa Task?
TGRMN Software -  28-Aug-16
Yes in VVEngine and VVLauncher, but not in VVScheduler.
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