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Will ViceVersa Work Over Any Connection Between Two Computers?

Yes, when you can "see" the source and target folders using Windows Explorer and you can manually copy/move/delete files between the two machines. ViceVersa will have no problem in synchronizing or mirroring the folders. The type of connection is not important. This includes connections such as LAN, WAN, VPN, Bluetooth and also storage media such as external Hard Disks, Network Disks, USB Disks, Zip Drives, USB Keys, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, etc.
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Mischa -  06-Feb-05
Does VV support a FTP connection?
TGRMN Software -  07-Feb-05
No, currently ViceVersa does not support FTP.
Seb Wills -  02-May-05
I have a folder on two computers that I wish to keep synchronized. The computers are not directly connected, and I wish to use a USB disk that I carry between the two computers to keep them in sync.

Will everything work smoothly if I have one copy of Vice Versa on computer 1, doing a full bi-directional sync with history between the computer 1's local disk and the USB disk, and a second instance of Vice Versa on computer 2 configured to do a full bi-directional sync with history between computer 2's local disk and the USB disk?
TGRMN Software -  09-May-05
Yes, you will need to install ViceVersa PRO on the two machines and sync between machine and USB disk.
Steve -  28-Jun-05
I am evaluating ViceVersa. I have a XP machine that I would like to sync to a network server running SuSE Linux/Samba. I can see the network share, copy, move, and delete files. However, when the ViceVersa application attempts to synchronize updated files using the Replication (Update) synchronization method, that is, a new file on the source attempts to overwrite an older file on the target, I receive an error message "Can not change attributes of '<network directory>\file' The file could not be accessed".

Please advise if it is possible to rectify this problem.
Steve -  28-Jun-05
Hi, just fixed my problem. You need to map a drive in XP for ViceVersa to be able to work with a network share.
Vallabh -  15-Jul-05
I am evaluating ViceVersa Pro. I need to replicate around 300 GB data between locations across continents.
Can ViceVersa pro manage this volume of data?
TGRMN Software -  22-Jul-05
Yes, ViceVersa will handle that.
Jesse -  02-Oct-05
I want to have a directory syncronized between my computer at work and my computer at home. Both are constantly internet enabled but the computers are not on at all times. What is the easiest and most secure way to set up a networked directory so that ViceVersa will function? Both are behind firewalls, buy I have only control over the one at home.
TGRMN Software -  17-Oct-05
You would need to setup a secure VPN tunnel between your 2 computers. But the best option is to synchronize the 2 computers using a USB drive, ie you sync computer A vs the USB drive when you work on A and then sync vs. computer B when working on B.
Ignacio -  05-Sep-06
Answering Jesse's question, I have just learnt about something called WebDAV. It works wonderfully through firewalls. In my own words, I would explain it as an extension to the http protocol that enables it not only to read (GET method) and send (POST) but also to open, edit and save files on the http server. On Windows, WebDAV enabled folders on a web server are called "web folders". I am using it and it works really well (a bit slow, but is is wonderful to see a folder of your web server mounted as a local drive).

Now, my question is: does ViceVersa support WebDAV shares? The problem is I can't manage to mount the Web folder as a disk drive, for example J:

On Windows Explorer, the web folder is not seen hanging under "My PC", but under "My web sites"... below. Will Vice Versa handle that?

Thank you for your help.
TGRMN Software -  19-Sep-06
ViceVersa currently does not support WebDav but we plan to add that feature.
Windows XP supports WebDav in the Windows Explorer, but does not provide the support to applications outside Windows Explorer.
Josh -  20-Aug-08
I am trying to sync between network drivea and local folders. The network drives are mapped on XP, but ViceVersa still cannot find it, and VVlauncher cannot monitor that drive. In fact, it worked when I set it up, but next day it doesn't.
Michael Anselmi -  29-Aug-08
Does your product support binary difference (delta) replication? Bandwidth is a concern.

TGRMN Software -  05-Sep-08
Josh, try using the UNC path (e.g. \\computername\share\) instead of the mapped drive.
TGRMN Software -  05-Sep-08
Michael, not yet, but it is on our product roadmap. thanks
Jan -  29-Jan-09
Can ViceVersa sync between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows Vista? My laptop is Windows Vista.
TGRMN Software -  30-Jan-09
Yes, ViceVersa will sync files between any Windows platforms.
Christopher -  18-Apr-11
Will VVEngine copy files from a networked folder to the server looking something like (\\newcomputer\pictures to serverFolder\pictures\newcomputer)

Obviously I'm using WHS-2011 and this would be a more convenient way of working for me.
TGRMN Software -  18-Apr-11
Yes, ViceVersa and VVEngine will work between two network locations.
Emmanuel -  07-Feb-17
I am currently new on ViceVersa pro and have downloaded a trial for two of my servers which I would like to do mirroring. The source I get how to go about it, how do I get the target of a server on the same network where I want to mirror my files to? I see select a folder,select a snap shot, explore? How do i go about mirroring files over a network.
Does ViceVersa pro also check other drives I would like to mirror or it mirrors one drive at a time?
TGRMN Software -  08-Feb-17
Using 'Select Folder' you will be able to select the target, but it needs to be 'visible' via a Windows Share over the LAN or VPN. Yes, you can work on multiple drives within the same profiles or setup multiple profiles that you can run sequentially using the VVEngine add-on.
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