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Common Solutions ViceVersa Provides

Solutions for Desktop / Laptop

  • Keep files and folders in sync between computers. This enables you to work with files on either computer and always be sure you are working with the latest version.
  • Create backup replicas of your files to another computer or to a second hard-disk, external hard-disk, USB flash drive, DVD-RW and CD-RW. ViceVersa only copies files that have changed since last run, so backups are really fast. Restore are also very fast and easy, because ViceVersa creates an exact replica of your folders' structures. ViceVersa can also compress and encrypt files for saving disk space and data security on any media, and can keep several former versions of files, using a feature called 'file archiving'. 
  • Create backup replicas of your files to a network folder, over LAN or VPN.
  • "Subscribe" to a network folder, so that the network folder content is "pushed" to your computer every time you run ViceVersa.
  • Synchronize several computers against one master network folder. This enables a team to share the same set of files.

Solutions for Servers

  • Disk-to-Disk file server backup.
  • Backup Exchange and SQL Database.
  • Pulling files to a server from workstations. (LAN, VPN)
  • Pushing files from a server to workstations. (LAN, VPN)
  • Web Server mirroring, aka "Web Farms", i.e. a number of servers providing identical HTML pages to web-users. The web-users' connections are distributed across all the servers (which need to have identical content) for optimized load balance.

Solutions for Data Verification

  • Compare files in two locations to make sure both locations are identical, bit-by-bit. For example, verifying that data stored on a media such as DVD or CD is identical bit-by-bit to the source.
  • Create a snapshot of a folder containing information on folder structure, file timestamps and file CRC, and then later on make sure that the snapshot is still identical to the live folder, which guarantees that the folder content has not changed. Snapshots can be added to DVDs and CDs to periodically verify their integrity.

Solutions for File Compare

  • Visually compare files in two or more locations and see what files have been changed, deleted or added. A unique side-by-side hierarchical view makes it very easy to spot differences.
  • You can use ViceVersa to compare source code, compare program output and validate copies of your files.
  • Use ViceVersa in combination with CompareAndMerge for the ultimate file compare solution.

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User Comments
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Edward -  12-Oct-06
I wonder if this software runs as a service for truly unattended use (eg, on a server/web farm) as so claimed.
TGRMN Software -  16-Oct-06
Yes, absolutely. ViceVersa PRO can be installed as a Windows service. For that you can use the VVEngine add-on.
Dee Smith -  27-Oct-06
Does this software have the facility to schedule and backup syncronisation?
TGRMN Software -  27-Oct-06
Yes, see
Darryl Jones -  07-Feb-07
What's the best way to use ViceVersa to syncronize the most recent files in 3 locations like removable drive, desktop computer, and laptop?
TGRMN Software -  13-Feb-07
Setup two synchronization profiles, one per machine:
laptop vs. removable drive
desktop vs. removable drive
Herb Reed -  20-Mar-07
Will ViceVersa copy all server operating systems files as well as data files to replace or create a new drive?
TGRMN Software -  30-Mar-07
Yes, all files are copied but the target disk is not bootable.
Jay -  18-Feb-08
Will this program sync files from Windows XP to Windows Vista? Also, Outlook?
TGRMN Software -  18-Feb-08
Yes. Re Outlook, please see
PF -  19-Aug-08
Is it possible to have overwritten files moved to another location to have a collection of previous versions?
TGRMN Software -  20-Aug-08
Yes, using File Archiving. See:
Mike S -  14-Nov-10
To be honest I'm torn between your product and another that basically mirrors one's hard drive onto a portable HD, so in addition to recovering one's data files, you still don't have to go through the hours of work that a blown hard drive creates. Can ViceVersa create an exact mirror on a portable drive that allows for booting up the laptop and running one's programs in the event the laptop's primary HD blows out?
Cliff -  15-Nov-10
What is the largest recommended size of data to copy/sync/replicate/backup using ViceVersa? Is 10TB too much?
TGRMN Software -  15-Nov-10
There is no maximum total size. However, each profile should be limited to deal with approx. 1 million files (= number of files, total size does not matter). Multiple profiles can be setup for data sets of more than 1 million files. The VVEngine add-on can be used to schedule and manage all the profiles.
TGRMN Software -  15-Nov-10
Mike S, ViceVersa PRO will mirror all the files and make a 1:1 replica, but the mirror disk will not be directly bootable. The advantage of ViceVersa is that the backup is an exact simple copy of all the source files, easy accessible and manageable.
Jay Wright -  08-Nov-14
I have 2 servers on different networks (Rackspace and Our internal server) that require login. does your product keep them sync'd up?
TGRMN Software -  09-Nov-14
Yes, if the two servers can "see" the folders to sync on the Windows Network, then ViceVersa will be able sync them.
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