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How Does ViceVersa Work?

Every time you run a project/profile, ViceVersa compares the files in source and in target to see if they have changed.
By using the file timestamp assigned by Windows, ViceVersa determines which files are identical, which files have changed and which files have been added or deleted.
Then, based on the execution method you specify, ViceVersa will copy and delete files as required.
For example, you can specify Synchronization or Backup or Replication as execution method. ViceVersa will save you time and network usage by only copying files when necessary.

ViceVersa powerful preview feature shows you exactly what is going to happen before any files are touched. Preview even gives you the possibility to copy/delete individual files and to reconcile file conflicts.

ViceVersa PRO can also be scheduled using VVScheduler or run at Windows' start-up, shut-down or as soon file changes are detected using VVLauncher (included in the ViceVersa PRO download).

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