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Real-Time Backup, Synchronization and Replication

Many backup and synchronization solutions only work when scheduled or on demand. But what if something happens to the documents and files you are currently working on and the last backup only ran last night? You may have spent hours working on important documents and suddenly there's a power outage. Your documents are lost.

If you setup ViceVersa PRO to backup, replicate or synchronize files in real-time this won't be a problem.

ViceVersa PRO can backup, replicate or synchronize your files continuously, while they are being modified. Files can be saved to another location, such as another computer, a network drive, a USB drive, or even another folder on the same computer. ViceVersa PRO monitors files for changes in the background, using very little system resources. As soon as a file change is detected, the file is saved to the secondary location.

Real-Time Backup is also known as Continuous Data Protection (CDP). Traditional backups can only restore data to the point at which the backup was done. With continuous data protection, there are no backup schedules. When data is written to disk, it is also written to a second location, usually an external USB drive, a NAS or another computer over the network.
With ViceVersa PRO setup in real-time you will always have a mirror copy of all your files. You can combine this feature with File Archiving to keep an archive copy of previous versions of your files.

How to setup Real-Time backup, synchronization, replication in ViceVersa and VVEngine (Continuous Data Protection)

Real-Time File Replication: replicate a single change in a million files without delay

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QuakersHill -  02-Aug-08
How can I activate real-time backups ?
TGRMN Software -  05-Aug-08
Using VVEngine:
Kinan -  04-Mar-13
Do I need to buy a VVEngine license with a ViceVersa PRO license to get the benefits of VVEngine?
TGRMN Software -  06-Mar-13
Yes, VVEngine is a ViceVersa PRO add-on: it requires a separate VVEngine license. thanks
Fernando -  11-Jul-23
For real-time backup/sync, do I need to purchase the VVEngine?
TGRMN Software -  12-Jul-23
Yes, VVEngine will support granular file change detection and real-time sync/backup.
Fernando -  12-Jul-23
My Nas has 58tb of data. I have the master and the backup copied already, I mean, I don't need to do the backup anymore. My question is, using real-time sync will force me to do the backup again?
TGRMN Software -  12-Jul-23
No, ViceVersa and VVEngine can work with existing data to be synchronized or replicated.
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