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01. What is VVEngine?

VVEngine is a new add-on for ViceVersa PRO.

is an advanced scheduler that lets you schedule all your ViceVersa profiles.

VVEngine lets you create profile chains and categories to run sequentially.

With VVEngine you can:

  • Setup multiple profiles and profile groups
  • Run profiles every X minutes, every X hours, every X days
  • Exclude specific days / hours from the schedule
  • Setup profiles to run as soon as file changes are detected
  • Setup profiles to run when USB drives are detected
  • Setup profiles to run when network connections are detected
  • Do not start profiles if computer is using battery power (and/or battery level is low)
  • Start profiles only if the computer IP address matches a specified value
  • Start profiles only if all source and target folders in the profile are accessible
  • Report an error if a profile has not run for more than X minutes
  • Automatically re-run profiles if an error occurs
  • Run one ViceVersa profile after another (sequentially)
  • View profile history and results for the last 15 runs
  • Control VVEngine with a browser, also from a different computer or remotely over the Internet
  • Control VVEngine from VVConsole, a dedicated command line / scripting program
  • Setup VVEngine to run as a service
  • Report errors in the Windows Event Log
  • New VVEngine Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista: put your profiles right on the desktop! Learn More

Download VVEngine from the VVEngine Home Page

See the extra features VVEngine offers VV PRO users in the Scheduling Comparison Chart

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