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05. Does VVEngine Start Automatically Every Time I Start Windows?

Yes. Once VVEngine is installed, it will automatically start when you start Windows.
If you uninstall VVEngine, VVEngine will be removed and will no longer start when you start Windows.

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Lynx -  12-Mar-07
I am running VVPro on my desktop to synchronize folders from on drive to another on the same server. I would also like to run VVEngine to schedule the synch process to run at scheduled time.
Will installing VVPro and VVEngineServer on my desktop allow me to do that or will I need to install VVEngine on the server itself?
PS - I just discovered the product and will buy it shortly, mostly based on what I read. I have not even demo'ed it yet
TGRMN Software -  30-Mar-07
Installing ViceVersa PRO and VVEngine on your desktop will work fine. VV will sync between the two server's shares.
Willis -  24-Apr-13
I have a follow-up question.

From your answer to the above question, I assume that my browser does NOT have to be open & VVEngine open for VVEngine to function - Am I correct?

Thanks :)
TGRMN Software -  29-Apr-13
Yes, correct, the browser is only the interface to VVEngine, but VVEngine will be running in the background even if the browser is not open.
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