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Does ViceVersa Work with CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-RW Drives?

Yes, ViceVersa works with CD/DVD Recordable/ReWritable drives (CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-RW) if a proper device driver is installed and configured with your drive. The driver should make the CD/DVD behave like a large floppy disk. Nero InCD (part of Nero 6 or later) and Roxio DirectCD (part of Easy Media Creator) are two products that work with various CD/DVD drives and makes them look like large floppy disks. Check with your CD/DVD documentation.
One simple test to see if ViceVersa will work with your drive is to see if you can copy files from your hard disk to the drive using Windows Explorer. If Windows Explorer can copy files to the drive ViceVersa can too.

Note on Windows XP: Windows XP includes a "lite" version of Adaptec/Roxio's Easy CD and it does not make the CD-R/RW/DVD-RW look like a hard disk. You will need to install a packet writing software such as Roxio's DirectCD for Windows XP. DirectCD is included with Easy Media Creator for Windows XP. DirectCD allows your drive to appear just like any other drive volume. In other words, your CD-R/RW/DVD-RW drive handles files just like a hard disk or floppy disk. Once you have Direct CD installed on your system, you can drag and drop files to the CD/DVD as well as use ViceVersa to backup your files to the CD-R/RW/DVD drives.
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