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What is a File Conflict?

During file synchronization a file conflict occurs when a file has changed in both locations (source and target) since the last sync, making it difficult to determine which version should be left unchanged and which version should be updated.

For example, if you've changed a document on your desktop computer since the last synchronization and also made a different change to the same document on your laptop, a file conflict will occur.

ViceVersa PRO (ViceVersa Plus does not track file conflicts) will mark file conflicts in the comparison window with a ** in front of the name and will also report conflicts in the log file and the scheduler, so that you can decide which version you want to keep and which version you want to update.

There is a profile option in ViceVersa PRO to 'Synchronize files even if in conflict (synchronization method)'. When this option is enabled, ViceVersa PRO will synchronize also file conflicts: it will copy the newer file over the older file and rename the older file into filename_[timestamp]_CONFLICT and keep it in the same folder.

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Rauno Pihlajamaki -  10-Oct-06
How to find/sort out what files conflicts in the comparison window marked with a **? I have about 350.000 files to sync and when there´s conflict(s) it would be nice to just click "show conflict files" button to sort them first on screen.
TGRMN Software -  10-Oct-06
On the bottom / left of the comparison window you should be able to select view->conflicts only
Stu -  30-Oct-07
If running bi directional sync as a scheduled event, can I get an email of the conflicts for subsquent manual intervention?
TGRMN Software -  02-Nov-07
Yes, using the e-mail script at
SK -  16-May-11
How do I get ViceVersa to automatically resolve a conflict for me, preferably by time stamp. I cannot stop the system to constantly update manually every time a conflict occurs.
TGRMN Software -  17-May-11
There is an option in ViceVersa PRO. The option is in profile settings -> advanced settings.
"Synchronize/backup/replicate files even if in conflict": instructs ViceVersa to copy files even if in conflict. ViceVersa will copy the newer file over the older file.
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