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File Archiving

During File Synchronization, File Replication, File Mirroring or File Backup, older files are overwritten by newer files or they are deleted if their counterpart has also been deleted.

ViceVersa PRO enables archival of former versions of files which are changed or deleted. This is called the File Archiving feature.

By using File Archiving, when a file is overwritten or removed during a run, the old file is first moved to an archive location, locally or over the network. Files moved to the archive location maintain the original timestamp. The timestamp of when they were moved is also  encoded in the file name. Hence, multiple versions of files can be kept for a specified period of time. Extensive options in ViceVersa lets you to control how many versions of each file to keep, where and for how long: you can specify to keep old versions for X days, or up to X copies, or only for certain file names or extensions.

ViceVersa PRO also features an archive viewer tool that lets you browse the archive locations and visualize all the archived file versions.

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David Swift -  29-Nov-04
How can you set ViceVersa so that the archives are also encrypted as well?
TGRMN Software -  06-Dec-04
You can enable encryption of archived files by selecting "Archive Files -> Encrypted" in the Compression and Encryption options (in the project settings)
Phil -  28-Nov-05
How do I decrypt a file in the archive?
TGRMN Software -  01-Dec-05
Using the archive viewer tool (accessible from the ViceVersa tool menu). Right click on the file and select "copy to".
Carl Stanton -  04-Apr-06
If I have two versions of a file do I need approximately twice the space, or is it only the difference that is stored ?
TGRMN Software -  12-Apr-06
ViceVersa PRO will archive the entire file. You can limit the amount of old versions of a file that are kept in the archive. Use the profile settings.
Harold -  20-Oct-06
I have the unregistered version of ViceVersa PRO 2. I cannot figure out how to use the Archive feature. I cannot find Project Settings. What am I missing?
TGRMN Software -  24-Oct-06
In VV PRO 2, click on 'Change Profile Settings' then on the left side click on 'Archiving'.
George -  07-Mar-07
Will ViceVersa archive over a Wan from a W2k3 server to another W2k3 server, archiving only files over 1 yr old, preserving folder structure and delete the source files? Essentially a copy/delete or move function. Let me know. THanks.
TGRMN Software -  07-Mar-07
ViceVersa will copy the files to the archive but will not delete the source (eg move files).
Frank -  09-Nov-14
Where do we access the Archive Viewer?
TGRMN Software -  10-Nov-14
From the ViceVersa PRO main menu: Tools -> Archive Viewer.
Regis -  16-Nov-15
Can you browse and open archived files through Windows Explorer?
TGRMN Software -  16-Nov-15
Yes, the archive folders are standard folders that can also be browsed using Windows Explorer.
WT -  20-Jun-16
Please describe 'smart' archive function.
TGRMN Software -  20-Jun-16
LC -  16-Jan-17
When we do the archive for a file, can we not to attach the timestamp and move the file just to different folder? We would like to keep the same file name and move to different folder for only one history file. Is it possible not to attach the timestamp for the archiving file? Thanks
TGRMN Software -  16-Jan-17
ViceVersa will move the file(s) to the specified archive folder when archiving is enabled and append a suffix with the date the file was moved. If you want to have no suffix appended to the file name, you would need to use a renaming software like "Bulk Rename Utility" and post-process the file names.
Skynet051 -  13-May-21
Hi, I have a folder which is shared folder some of the files in it are old and if I want to archive older files say any file before 2014. Can Viceversa do that? and also can it delete the file from the original location to free up space?
TGRMN Software -  13-May-21
Yes, ViceVersa can mirror files from/to a folder based on date filters you define (before/after a date, etc).

It can also move files out of a folder, please see more info here:
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