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Backup Software

Backup programs are designed to backup files.

To "backup files" is to make copies of files (replication) and store them on a separate media to be used in case the primary files are lost or corrupted.

ViceVersa replication and archive features are designed to create secure backup copies of files and folders.

Backups are essential for all work. For important work, two or three backup sets are advisable. To be especially safe, backup sets should be kept in different locations. Backup files can be stored compressed and/or encrypted to save space.

User Comments
Add Comment -  05-Jan-08
Once folders and files are backed up and on the "target" external hard drive, can these files be accessed & opened, by a different computer using the same OS? Or does your software have to installed on the computer that accesses the data from the "target" HD
TGRMN Software -  05-Jan-08
Files on the target are a 1:1 mirror of the source files; they are accessible from any OS. They are not stored in a proprietary format.
jb -  01-May-08
Are the backed-up files saved in their original format or changed into ViceVersa format? I am looking for something that will back up to a large usb drive. The files backed up on this drive would be in the file's original format. Not needing to run any recovery software. Does ViceVersa act this way?
TGRMN Software -  05-May-08
The backed-up files are saved in their original format; a 1 to 1 copy; no need for any recovery process.
Markus Menzi -  07-Sep-08
Simply the best I ever have seen. Itís worth the money 100 times.
If it would be translated to German, much more people would know, value and buy this excellent program.
Markus Menzi
Pat -  15-Nov-08
If I buy this software how does the licensing work? How many computers can I use the software on? I have 4 computers in a home network that I wish to backup files on...
TGRMN Software -  17-Nov-08
Please see
Michael -  29-Jan-09
I noticed that if backup finds in the target a version of the file that it is in the process of backing up from a source ... [ question continues on ]
chimaira -  06-Jun-09
A short question: what if I backup to an external drive but chose to compress the data on the target? VV created separate .gz files for each source file, putting it in a folder with the same (source folder) name. How can i restore all data in case of a system crash? If I use an external zip software, all files are put in one folder... I actually need the same file and folder structure.
TGRMN Software -  06-Jun-09
You can use ViceVersa to restore the compressed data. Just switch source and target and copy from target to source.
chimaira -  07-Jun-09
Thanks for your answer, indeed it worked, I just had to check the "compressed" option on the source to restore the files. VV is just perfect with extremely numerous capacities and very simple to use. I would surely recommend it to anybody who needs fast and easy syncs and backups. It is the best solution for use at home as well as in small offices, even on file servers.
Phil -  08-Apr-19
I'm totally lost. All I want to do is copy my files to a backup drive. I do NOT want my file dates changed.

I downloaded the trial and thought I was going to copy folders from the source to the backup target and it was doing some sort of compare.

So how do I do a backup to a backup drive, folder for folder, without changing dates? Oh, the backup drive already has different folders on it.
TGRMN Software -  10-Apr-19
ViceVersa will copy the file timestamps too, if that is not happening, it could be an issue with the target system/drive. For folder timestamps, there is an option in the profile settings. Please contact us at with any questions/issues. thanks
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