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You Can Move Files from Source to Target

With ViceVersa PRO 3 (or newer) you can move files from Source to Target.
The 'Move to Target' option is in Profile Settings -> Execution.

This option can be enabled if the Replication (Update Target) method is selected.

When the 'Move to Target' option is enabled, then:

* All files/folders in Source that are not in Target will be moved to Target (e.g. they will be copied to Target and then deleted from Source if the copy is successful).
* All newer files in Source are moved to Target to overwrite older files in Target (e.g. if a file is newer in Source, it will be copied to Target and then deleted from Source if the copy is successful).
* If a Source file has a matching Target file already, it is not copied, but the file is deleted from Source because it is already in Target.

It is also possible to move only specific files based on file filters, such as the file size, name, extension or date/time.

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Furg34 -  28-Jun-18
I am wondering if there is a way to make this feature do a "Cut & Paste" rather than a "Copy & Paste".

I am moving video files from one folder to another on the same PC so I am not worried about losing data via network transfer.

This would increase productivity 10 fold as we are dealing with large video files.
TGRMN Software -  28-Jun-18
A "cut and paste" on the same disk is like a file rename and it's faster than a copy, but ViceVersa does not support that, sorry, ViceVersa always copies the file first and then deletes it if it's a move.
jsavoor -  18-Sep-20
Does the software allow you to move files that are older than a given age? Similar to /MINAGE in Robocopy?
TGRMN Software -  22-Sep-20
Yes, you can use profile filters to include/exclude only certain files based on their age.
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