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You Can Automatically Synchronize Conflicts

When you synchronize two locations and a file has changed on both sides since the last synchronization, that file will be identified as a conflict by ViceVersa. Since the same file has changed on both sides, ViceVersa does not know which version to keep and which one to overwrite.

Starting with ViceVersa PRO version 3 you can instruct ViceVersa to synchronize the conflict files by keeping the newer file and overwriting the older file and, at the same time, renaming the older file into filename_[timestamp]_CONFLICT.ext
In this way, all files are synchronized including conflicts, but old conflict files will be renamed with a timestamp and still be kept in the same folder for potential review by the user.

The option to activate renaming of conflicts is in profiles settings -> advanced settings and it is called: Synchronize files even if in conflict (synchronization method)

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