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Is ViceVersa Multithreaded?

Yes, starting with version 6, ViceVersa is fully multithreaded.

Multithreading while copying, deleting, and scanning files can significantly increase speed, especially over the network (LAN, WAN, and SMB) and when working with SSD drives.

Multithreading Options in ViceVersa

Scan Target While Scanning Source (Prefetch Target): (Yes/No) This option can help improve scan performance in certain scenarios, as ViceVersa simultaneously scans the source and target. 

Multithreaded Source Scanning: (Yes/No/Auto) Use multiple threads to scan the source. It is recommended over the network and with SSDs. This option will help speed up the scanning time quite significantly. 

Multithreaded Target Scanning: (Yes/No/Auto) Use multiple threads to scan the target. It is recommended over the network and with SSDs. This option will help speed up the scanning time quite significantly. 

Multithreaded Comparison: (Yes/No/Auto) Use multiple threads to compare the source and target. This option will help speed up the comparison time, especially when a CRC/SHA comparison is to be performed. 

Multithreaded Sorting: Use multiple threads (8) to sort source and target files. This option is enabled by default. It can be eight times faster than a single-threaded sort. 

Number of File Copy/Delete Threads: (Number of threads or Auto) Number of threads to use to copy / delete files. Usually, a higher number of threads results in faster copy and deletion over the network, and fast seek drives (e.g. SSD). Set this value to 'Auto' to let ViceVersa decide the best number of threads to use (see note below). Using multiple threads will also require more resources. A single-thread operation will only use one core on systems with multiple cores, and this is sometimes preferred if reaching the top copy speed is not the main concern.


Notes on 'Auto' Values:

Multithreaded Source Scanning, Multithreaded Target Scanning, Multithreaded Comparison and Number of File Copy/Delete Threads all support 'Auto' as a value. If the value 'Auto' is selected, ViceVersa will decide when to use multiple threads, i.e.:
- Multithreaded Source Scanning and Multithreaded Target Scanning: when set to Auto, multithreaded scanning will be used if the folder to be scanned is over the network, a mapped drive, or a local disk with fast seek access (e.g. SSD). 
- Multithreaded Comparison: when set to Auto, multithreaded comparison will be used for CRC comparison or when checking file permissions and source or target are over the network or both drives are fast seek (e.g. SSD). 
- File Copy/Delete Threads: when set to Auto, for network and mapped drives, ViceVersa will use 16 threads. When deleting local files, ViceVersa will use as many threads as the number of system cores. To copy files between local disks, ViceVersa uses the number of system cores, if the copy is between different physical devices.

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