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How Do I Apply a File Filter to a Specific Source/Target Pair?

*** Requires ViceVersa PRO 2.5 build 2502 or any later version ***

I have a profile with multiple source/target pairs: how do I apply a file filter only to one of the pairs? For instance, I would like to include all .doc files, but only from the second pair.

Use an include file filter with mask <2>*.doc
The notation <2> will limit the scope of the filter to the second source/target pair.
Similarly, use <1> for the first pair, <3> for the third, etc.

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Tony C -  24-Feb-11
The question is how to apply a "file filter". I understand the need and welcome the functionality - just where is it?
TGRMN Software -  24-Feb-11
File Filters are in "change profile settings" -> "folders" -> "file filters" (ViceVersa PRO)
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