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Mapped Network Drives Do Not Work in Scheduled Tasks

Mapped network drives do not work in scheduled tasks, unless you explicitly map them before running the task (see note 1 below). Regardless, they may still fail for a number of reasons.

If you plan to schedule a ViceVersa profile to run in VVScheduler, VVLauncher or VVEngine (or on the command line), make sure you use the UNC network path directly in the ViceVersa profile, instead of the mapped drive.

For instance, instead of the mapped drive Y:\ use the UNC path \\ComputerName\Share\

If you need to provide a user / password combination to access \\ComputerName\Share\ , you can enter that information in the ViceVersa profile: profile settings -> folders -> network.

Note 1:
It is possible to re-map a network drive in ViceVersa -> profile settings -> folders -> network. This requires ViceVersa version 3 or newer.

Note 2:
If you are running VVEngine as a Windows Service, under the LocalSystem account, then the service won't have access to the network at all and using UNC paths will also fail. In this case, set the service to run under the NetworkService account or another account with access to the network. For more information on service accounts see:

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Jeff -  01-Dec-16
Finally found a fix. Use the Subst command instead of Net Use.
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