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Bandwidth and Processor Load Control in ViceVersa

In ViceVersa PRO you can easily control the Bandwidth used and the Processor Load to prevent overloading your system while copying files.

The Bandwidth that ViceVersa PRO uses while copying files can be set as a MB/Sec or KB/Sec max value.

The Processor Load can be set as a percentage of the max CPU speed available.

By using these settings you can setup ViceVersa PRO to work transparently without any impact on the resources of your system.

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Oliver Frank -  16-Aug-08
I am still not clear which of the bandwidth limiter or the speed limiter I should use so that other applications that I am using are not slowed down too much.

Does bandwidth affect the speed of my computer's communication with my network, including Internet and Web activities?

Can you please give more detail in the help files and in this FAQ about how users can understand better whether to use one, both or neither of these controls?

Thank you.
TGRMN Software -  20-Aug-08
The 'speed' option controls how much of the available CPU time ViceVersa will use.

The 'bandwidth' option controls how much of the available bandwidth (over a disk or network) ViceVersa will use.
KRB OCS -  21-Sep-11
Can this bandwidth control change via a schedule. For example overnight it can use 90% of bandwidth, but during the working day on 10% say?
TGRMN Software -  22-Sep-11
Currently that's not supported. A possible workaround is to have two separate profiles running at different times, each profile with a different bandwidth value.
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