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28. Profile Filters and Real-Time Change Detection

Starting with version 2.2, build 2230, VVEngine now considers the file and subfolder filters present in the profile settings also during real-time change detection.

If a change happens to an excluded file or in an excluded subfolder, it is then excluded from change detection too, which means that a change to an excluded file or in an excluded subfolder does not trigger a superfluous extra profile run anymore.

Note that not ALL file/subfolder filters will be taken into consideration.
Only absolute filters (filters with a drive or network full path, such as exclude c:\folder\*, for example) and file mask filters (include *.txt or exclude [1-9], for example) will be taken into consideration. Relative filters (such as \folder\) will not be taken into consideration.

When a filter is not taken into consideration, the change will be detected to a file or in a subfolder even if it is excluded in the profile settings and ViceVersa will run and will then exclude that file/subfolder anyway during execution: this might result in an unnecessary extra run. Before VVEngine version 2.2 (build 2230) all filters were ignored during change detection and the profile would always run.

More information is available in the VVEngine manual.

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