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How to Shutdown Windows Automatically After a ViceVersa Profile Has Run

- Create a file called run_and_shutdown.bat on the desktop. This type of file is a batch file. You can use any file name, but the file extension needs to be '.bat'

- Open the file with Notepad.exe and edit the file.

- Add the following 2 lines:

Start "ViceVersa" /b /wait "C:\Program Files\ViceVersa Pro\ViceVersa.exe" "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ViceVersa PRO\profile1.fsf" /autoexec /autoclose   (from 'Start' to '/autoclose' all on the same line)

shutdown /s


  • C:\Program Files\ViceVersa Pro\ViceVersa.exe is the path of ViceVersa.exe
  • C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ViceVersa PRO\profile1.fsf  is the path of the ViceVersa profile you want to run automatically.

- Save the file.

Double-clicking on the newly created batch file will start ViceVersa and run the profile. When finished Windows will shutdown.


The /autoexec and /autoclose flags instruct ViceVersa to automatically run the profile and close. Additional ViceVersa command line options are explained in the ViceVersa help file.

The Windows shutdown command 'shutdown' also supports additional options that are listed by typing shutdown /? on the windows command line prompt.

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