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Using Global Scripts in ViceVersa PRO

ViceVersa PRO 2 Build 2011 (or newer) supports Global Scripts.
Global Scripts run before and/or after profile execution.
Global Scripts can be Visual Basic scripts (*.vbs), Batch Files (*.bat, *.cmd) or Java Scripts (*.js).

Global Scripts must be located in the "GlobalScripts" folder under the ViceVersa PRO installation folder; usually 'c:\program files\ViceVersa PRO2\GlobalScripts'.

The script global_start.ext runs before a profile starts (.ext can be one of the supported extensions, i.e. .vbs, .bat, .cmd or .js)

The script global_end.ext runs after a profile ends (.ext can be one of the supported extensions, i.e. .vbs, .bat, .cmd or .js)

Once you have created the global script(s) in the GlobalScripts folder, you need to activate the option "Run custom scripts before comparison" and/or "Run custom scripts after execution" in the profile settings, for the profiles you want to run the scripts for.

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