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Script Output

Script output is redirected to the ViceVersa profile log (if a log file for the profile has been setup). You are able to check the script output by looking at the ViceVersa profile log.

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GX -  23-Oct-06
What about, if the Script expects an Input (like the 'pause' in a batch file)? The application hangs ...
TGRMN Software -  25-Oct-06
ViceVersa runs script silently, without user input. Batch commands requiring user input, such as 'pause', should not be used...
GX -  16-Sep-07
In Build 2010 script did not run silently, and it was helpful. F.e.:
When mirroring folders with Customized Icons, if a folder with a customized icon for first time, already exists in the target, ViceVersa will not update this customization (the folder in the target will appear with the dafault icon). For this reason, a script before comparison is necassary, which will delete those folders in the target. By a large tree, it can take some time, so it useful to see what is going on. And if any errors happen, or f.e. a folder contains a big amount of data, it is also useful, that the user can decide to abort the operation (within the script).
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