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Use ViceVersa to Mirror / Sync the Local OneDrive Folder to Another Location

To mirror / copy / replicate / sync the local OneDrive folder to another location, make sure to enable the following options in the profile settings:

Do Not Copy File / Folder Data Streams
Option is in Profile Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Details
OneDrive adds some additional file streams to files and makes them inaccessible.
If you do not enable this option you might get the error: "Can not copy NTFS Additional File Streams of file "XXXXX". Function 'BackupWrite' returned error 395. Access to the cloud file is denied".

Include Offline Files
Option is in Profile Settings -> Advanced Settings -> More Settings
If there are some files in the OneDrive folder which are stored only in the cloud and not locally (i.e. they are 'offline'), then ViceVersa will exclude these files from copy because they are not present on the local disk. If you want to copy these offline files too, enable this option. The offline files will be downloaded to the local folder by OneDrive.

Exclude System Files
Option is in Profile Settings -> Folders -> File Filters
OneDrive adds a private and unique system file such as ".849C9593-D756-4E56-8D6E-AAA42412F" to the root folder and marks it as system and inaccessible. To avoid an error in ViceVersa, you can exclude this file from replication/synchronization by excluding all system files (or excluding the specific file name).

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Marco -  17-Dec-20
Does anyone know if Vice Versa has to pull a file down from the cloud to compare the timestamps ...etc. to decide if it needs to copy it?

I'm hoping to switch on the OneDrive feature that only pulls files down from the cloud when you actually open them and so I don't want Vice Versa to pull every single down if it only has a few it needs to actually copy.

Does this question make sense?

Thanks in advance for any answers :)
TGRMN Software -  17-Dec-20
ViceVersa will not need to download the files to compare timestamps/size/name, so it will work fine. Only if you use CRC comparison, then the content itself will be compared, so the files will need to be downloaded if not available locally.
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