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How To Copy / Replicate Just the Folder Structure Without Files

To copy just the folder structure between two locations without any files, for example from folder c:\source to folder d:\target\, create a ViceVersa profile with :

Source: c:\source
Target: c:\target
Include Subfolders: Yes
File Filter: Exclude * (this filter will exclude all files)
Subfolder Filter: Include ** (this filter will force inclusion of all subfolders)
Execution Method: Replication (Update Target)

Note that by default ViceVersa PRO automatically excludes all subfolders that contain only excluded files. For example, if a subfolder contains 5 documents, which have file extension .doc, and the profile settings exclude all files with extension .doc , then ViceVersa PRO will exclude the subfolder X too, automatically. But this default behavior can be overridden by adding an include subfolder "**" as the first subfolder filter (double *, without surrounding ") as shown above. With this special filter, subfolders containing only excluded files will not be excluded and the replication will be able to just copy the folder structure without the files inside.

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OldFaithful -  18-Dec-16
How to replicate Folder Structure CHANGES onto a target directory with EXISTING FILES? (Replicate Name Changes and Moves from one disk or folder to another without actually moving content on the target disk or folder unless the file, as identified by its binary content or digest, is actually missing on the target)?
TGRMN Software -  18-Dec-16
You can use one of the file replication methods supported by ViceVersa, see:
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