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ViceVersa PRO 5 Released (Build 5005)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2023 12:21 am    Post subject: ViceVersa PRO 5 Released (Build 5005) Reply with quote

We have released the new ViceVersa PRO Version 5 Build 5005.
This new build fixes an issue with the OneDrive folder and the new Scan Acceleration.
If you already have a license for version 5, you can install this new build for free.

ViceVersa PRO version 5 includes many new features and improvements , including Dark Mode and Scan Acceleration.

You can read about the new features in this PDF file: ViceVersaVersion5-1.1.pdf

Download and try ViceVersa PRO Version 5 - here: Download Version 5

Watch Videos: Scan Acceleration | Dark Mode | Multithreading over Network | Schedulers

Notes on Installation
- During installation, ViceVersa PRO 5 will replace the previous version of ViceVersa PRO, if present.
- All profiles and settings will be maintained and are compatible, and all VVLauncher, VVEngine and VVScheduler too are maintained.
- ViceVersa PRO 5 will go into trial mode for 30 days. The trial is fully functional.

Upgrading from a Previous Version:
After 30 days, the new version 5 requires a new license code. You can upgrade from here: Buy Upgrade
If you have an active maintenance plan, a new license code will be sent to you via e-mail.
If you haven't received the new license code, please contact us.
If you have a technician license, you can use it also in the new version 5.
The technician license can be used with all ViceVersa PRO versions, past and present.

You can install ViceVersa PRO 5 without uninstalling version 2.5 / 3 / 4 first. All settings are maintained. Older versions need to be uninstalled first.
All previous settings, including all the profiles, are maintained. All VVEngine, VVScheduler, VVLauncher settings are maintained.

If you install version 5 to evaluate and then want to go back to version 2.5 / 3 / 4, you can simply re-install the previous version again,
however you will need to re-enter your license code.
Please contact us via e-mail if you need your license code resent to you.

Notes about the new Scan Acceleration
With Scan Acceleration, you can speed up the folder scanning phase of a
profile significantly in certain scenarios. The scanning phase is when all the
information is collected from Source and Target folder(s) to initiate the
comparison and then to work out which files or folder need to be copied,
based on their attributes / timestamps and on the selected execution
method in ViceVersa.
It can take a significant amount of time to scan all files if there are a lot of
files to scan. Scan Acceleration can make that a lot faster, up to 10 times
faster, in some cases. For example, scanning a complete drive with two
million files on it with Scan Acceleration could take less than 60 seconds,
instead of 10 minutes without.

How Scan Acceleration Works
Scan Acceleration builds an index of the drive before the actual scanning
occurs. The index will make the scanning faster. The index is kept in
memory during the scanning phase, and it is then deleted once done.

Scan Acceleration Use Cases
- Accelerate mirror / sync / replication of files between two USB drives (both
formatted as NTFS)
- Accelerate mirror / sync / replication of files between two local HDD / SDD
or from HDD / SDD to or from USB drive (all formatted as NTFS)
- Accelerate mirror / sync / replication of files between local HDD / SDD /
USB drive to network path (scan acceleration enabled for local drive
formatted as NTFS)
- Accelerate mirror / sync / replication of files between HDD / SDD / NAS (all
formatted as NTFS)

More info: ViceVersaVersion5-1.1.pdf

Take the ViceVersa Tour >>

Watch ViceVersa Videos >>
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