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ViceVersa PRO 2 Build 2015 Released

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 6:30 am    Post subject: ViceVersa PRO 2 Build 2015 Released Reply with quote

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2015 Released
Free update for registered ViceVersa PRO 2 customers.

How to Update to ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2015

From a previous build of ViceVersa PRO 2
- You can update to ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2015 for free.
- Download new installer from and install it over the old version (=in the same folder, usually c:\program files\ViceVersa PRO 2\).
- Do not uninstall the previous version of ViceVersa. If you uninstall the previous version of ViceVersa, you will need to re-enter the registration code.
- If VVLauncher is running, stop it first. Once the new installation is finished, VVLauncher needs to be setup again. If VVLauncher is installed as a Windows Service, uninstall it first.

From ViceVersa PRO 1.3.1 or ViceVersa PLUS
- See

New Customers
Download installer from


What's New

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2015
- Fixed issue with 1982 timestamp for files on MAC
- Fixed issue with incorrect <profile> folder variable
- Fixed issue with folders containing only excluded files (a wrong message 'could not delete folder' would be shown)
- Fixed incorrect counting of overwritten files in profile log under certain circumstances
- Added profile start-time and profile end-time to variables that can be used in custom scripts
- Fixed issue on Vista when running ViceVersa 'non-elevated' (it would report 'cannot write tracking database') under certain circumstances
- Added an extra case of file conflict, i.e. when an older file is restored.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2014
- Improved Windows Vista Support. Now also VVScheduler and VVLauncher fully support Windows Vista.
- Integration with VVEngine. See
- New environment variables for use in custom and global scripts: VV_CONFLICT_SUMMARY, VV_RUN_SUMMARY, VV_FINAL_STATUS_SUMMARY, VV_EXECUTION_METHOD_DESC, VV_EXIT_CODE_DESC. See
- New exit codes 16, 17, 18, 19. See ViceVersa help file for more information.
- Other small fixes.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2013
Not released.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2012
- Windows Vista Support
- Junction Folders and Symbolic Links are ignored in build 2012 (Vista makes extensive use of Junction Folders and Symbolic Links)
- Inheritable Flag now correctly handled when copying file's DACL (advanced)
- Fixed "Check for Updates" function (It would break after installing IE7)

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2011
- VVEngine integration:
- New exit codes for "Target not found", "Source not found" and "Archive folder not found"
- Custom scripts improved:
- Fixed issue with rare hanging on Windows 2000 (because of OLE de-initialization)
- Fixed issue not deleting tmp file from previous run when target was compressed and/or encrypted and VV execution was canceled or aborted.
- Added variable <profilepath> to supported folder variables.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2010
- Disabled encryption compatible flag in the profile settings (encryption compatibility with version 1.2 or earlier is no longer supported now that ViceVersa is UNICODE compatible).
- Fixed issue with hidden attribute incorrectly applied to archive folders in certain configurations.
- Fixed crash happening removing archive files in certain configurations.
- Fixed error message "timestamp has changed" appearing while archiving files in certain configurations.
- If a file is deleted on one side and changed on the other side, file is now marked as confilct.
- Added archive summary with amount of files archived and size to the log file and execution summary window.
- Fixed issue with ViceVersa not returning an error code when run in automatic mode and no folders were available.
- Added option to exclude empty folders in the profile settings->subfolder filters.
- Added process feedback to the ViceVersa PRO icon in the system tray
- Improved performance of file re-comparison after copying.
- Added option to move files instead of copying files to the archive folders. This will increase performances.
- Added the ability to create snapshots and compare snapshots from the command line and from the Windows Explorer context menu.
- Added logging of conflicts file names to log file when conflict files are present.
- Added ability to log into the network with user name and password in the profile settings->folders->network.
- Fized issue with VVLauncher returning error code 87 'the parameter is incorrect' when installed as a service on Windows Server 2003 SP1
- Other small fixes.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2009
- Fixed 'unspecified error' message on Windows 98
- Fixed a crash situation that could occur with a file with an invalid timestamp (ie a timestamp before January 1970). New build now correctly reports the error.
- Fixed an issue with using \\UNC\?\ prefix for source or target and archive folders.

ViceVersa PRO 2 build 2008
- Ability to copy/backup open files, locked files and databases, using the Volume Shadow Service (VSS). This feature is limited to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, as Volume Shadow Service (VSS) is only available on those two platforms. More info at
- Fixed issue with copying alternate data streams for files >2GB. This issue could cause ViceVersa to crash.
- Added settings to specify which file security attributes to copy between NTFS file systems: owner, file privileges and/or file auditing.
- Sorting algorithm now much faster and uses less memory.
- List 'autofit' much faster.
- Other small changes/fixes.
TGRMN Software Support
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