View Comparison Window

Comparison Legend

Column Header

Clicking on the header selects visible columns.

Root Folder

Root source / target folders are identified by grey background.

Collapse/ Expand

Shows / hides folder contents.

Matched File / Folder

A green tick () marks matched files/folders. Matched files/folders have a corresponding matched file/folder on the other side, according to the comparison method selected in the profile settings.

Single File / Folder

A red dot () marks single files/folders. Single files/folders do not have a corresponding file/folder on the other side.

Older File

A blue minus sign () marks older files. Older files have a corresponding newer file/folder on the other side.

Newer File

A blue plus sign () marks newer files. Newer files have a corresponding older file/folder on the other side.

Excluded File / Folder

A red X () marks excluded files and folders. Excluded files and folders are ignored.

Conflict File

Conflict files are files that have changed both in source and in target folder in-between synchronizations. These files are identified only when using the tracking database in the profile settings.
Conflict files are marked with a '**' in front of the file name and a yellow background.

To Be Deleted

When a file/folder name is shown in red, it will be deleted if the profile is executed.

To Be Copied

When an file/folder name is shown in green, it will be copied to the other side if the profile is executed.