New Features and Benefits

  • Redesigned User Interface: ViceVersa PRO 2 is now even easier to use while still retaining full control over synchronization, backup and replication methods, with over 60 options for the advanced user.
  • UNICODE Support: ViceVersa PRO 2 now supports all characters and special characters of the world, for example Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean etc. Unicode support also means faster program execution.
  • Enhanced Reporting: ViceVersa PRO 2 now logs the total bytes copied, deleted, added during sync, backup, replication. Supports logging only summary and errors as well as many other logging and reporting enhancements, like average bandwidth consumption.
  • Copy / Backup open files, locked files: Using the Volume Shadow Service (VSS), ViceVersa can access and copy files and databases even if they are open, e.g. Outlook, Quicken, etc. This feature is limited to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 , as Volume Shadow Service (VSS) is only available on those two platforms.
  • VVLauncher included in default installation for real-time execution, VVLauncher can be run as a Windows service, without users logged in. Service support enhanced.
  • New Status Summary window after comparison. See exactly what has changed and what matches.
  • New Execution Summary window. See exactly what was copied and what was deleted.
  • New Preview window. See what ViceVersa will do.
  • Execution methods have been made more user friendly.
  • New bandwidth throttling. Run ViceVersa in the background without interfering with other applications
  • Added ability to specify subfolder filters from comparison window.
  • 'Skinnable' user interface, choose your preferred colors.
  • Faster tracking database.
  • Improved encryption (now 256 bits).
  • Faster file copy, file delete, file comparison

and much more to discover using the program ...