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Profiles are Not All That They Can Be...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:02 pm    Post subject: Profiles are Not All That They Can Be... Reply with quote

Its not that I don’t understand the VVPro’s Profiles, I just do not feel that they are entirely efficient to accomplish desired tasks.

I’ve been using SureSync for quite a few years and I have been looking into VVPro as a replacement. VVPro is very functional, cost effective and I am extremely impressed with the comparison of files and folders which I find very intuitive. It’s extremely easy to understand what is going to take place during a sync. SureSync to me is a bit more confusing and makes it difficult to understand what is actually going to happen using its Preview function and as a result, bad things have happened to me and my files.

Using SureSync you can create “Relations” and “Schedules”. Relations are very similar to VVPro’s Source/Target pairs in virtually every aspect. “Schedules” while they can be performed using dates/times can also be used to manually trigger the running of all or some of the Relations depending on how you configure a Schedule. When you create a Schedule you can specify dates/times and set automation. During the creation of a Schedule you specify which Relations you want to include.

I have a total of twelve Relations and one Schedule. Normally I will simply launch SureSync at the end of the day and run the Schedule manually which consists of all twelve of my relations. The schedule runs until it completes processing of all Relations. Bam! The day is done.

Putting SureSync’s Schedules aside for a moment because this is not my focus, you can work with SureSync’s Relations individually and more specifically you can Preview an individual Relation simply by highlighting it and clicking Preview to determine what the outcome will be. There are occasions where I will do some manual file manipulations directory changes etc in Windows on both my source and target computers during the course of a day. So much so that I may become concerned about the outcome of when blindly running my Schedule to perform all Relations in one shot which brings me to my point.

In VVPro I would setup my twelve Source/Target pairs (Relations) in one profile so that I could simply “Execute” them all in one shot at the end of the day. However, in those rare situations where I need to preview a Source/Target pair by itself, you can not simply preview a single Source/Target pair. If you have twelve in one profile and run a preview, you will have to wait to preview all twelve. The end result, you have a preview window of all twelve which can become daunting to review when you only want to see the results for a single Source/Target pair.

The alternative is to have twelve individual profiles for each Source/Target pair in addition to a Profile which contains all twelve. This means that if you want to preview one Source/Target pair you will have to load its profile and run the preview. Once I am satisfied, I then must load the profile containing all twelve Source/Target pairs again to perform the execution of them.

Would it not be simpler just to load VVPro, the Source/Targets appear in the main window and then you can click on an individual Source/Target pair and perform a Preview on it alone rather than all of them? Loading and unloading profiles is not very efficient.

In addition to this, I find that when viewing a Profiles Source/Target pairs, its not very friendly. The user should be able to give friendly names such as:

Sources and Targets [BUTTONS][BUTTONS][BUTTONS]

My Documents
C:\Documents and Setting\Users\Admin\My Documents <to> \\Server\Backup\Users\Admin\My Documents

Outlook Files
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook <to> \\Server\Users\Admin\Outlook

These are the barriers to entry for me with VVPro. Source/Target pairs should be easily identifiable with friendly names and you should be able to Preview any single Source/Target pair without having to preview all other Source/Target pairs or change profiles.

However, I can see great advantages of Profiles and having different sets of Source/Target pairs; a feature that SureSync certainly does not have.

Thanks for your time!

Dean Urbano
Datavend Internet Services
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TGRMN Software
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi -

have a look at the new VVEngine beta (
VVEngine is a new ViceVersa extension that makes it very easy to manage multiple profiles and schedules. It includes categories and a 'run all' button. In your case I would define 12 different projects and manage them with VVEngine. It also lets you assign an easy to remember description to each profile.

thanks for the feedback!
TGRMN Software Support
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