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S3Express 1.0 Released (Amazon S3 Command Line Utility)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:46 am    Post subject: S3Express 1.0 Released (Amazon S3 Command Line Utility) Reply with quote

TGRMN Software has released S3Express: Amazon S3 Command Line Utility for Windows.

Free 21-day trial available to download.

Backup your files easily and inexpensively to the Amazon S3 cloud storage, the most reliable cloud storage in the world.

S3Express is ideal for batch, automated uploads and backups to Amazon S3.

All S3Express operations are multithreaded (fast), automatically retryable (network-failure resistant) and interruptible (= all commands can be stopped and restarted at any time).

Connections to Amazon S3 are made using secure http (https), which is an encrypted version of the HTTP protocol, to protect your files while they're in transit to and from Amazon S3.
You will not find many S3 command line tools that can do that!

S3Express works on all versions of Windows including all Windows Servers and it's sold, actively supported and maintained by TGRMN Software.

Using our new software, S3Express, you'll be able to easily upload and backup your files to one of the best cloud file storage in the world, Amazon S3.

S3Express is an advanced Windows command line utility that can be used to:
    - List S3 objects with conditional filters
    - Manage S3 objects' metadata and ACLs
    - Upload files using multipart uploads and multiple concurrent threads.
    - Upload only new or changed files (incremental backup)
    - Upload multiple files and whole directories to Amazon S3.
    - Uploads are fully restartable in case of failure.
    - Uploads can be automatically retried in case of an error (after X seconds and for X times, customizable).
    - Optimized parallel file transfers (multiple threads) to speed-up uploads.
    - New S3 multipart uploads fully supported (and the correct MD5 value is kept for multipart uploads too).
    - Server-side and/or client-side file encryption supported.
    - Keep the existing ACLs and/or metadata when overwriting existing S3 files.
    - Throttle maximum bandwidth to use in Kilobytes per sec.
    - Filter files to upload based on name, extension, size, subfolder, time, etc.
    - Delete multiple S3 objects
    - Copy S3 objects
    - Apply server-side and/or local encryption supported
    - and much more...

S3Express is very compact and has very small footprint: the entire program is less than 5MB! Self-contained in one executable and portable, S3Express does not require any additional libraries or software to be installed to run.

Backing up files to Amazon S3 is as simple as executing a line command such as:

put c:\myfolder\ mybucketname -s -onlydiff -e

This uploads only changed or new files from c:\folder\ to <mybucketname> on Amazon S3 and encrypts the files as they arrive to Amazon S3 (option -e). Changed files are files whose content that changed since last backup, while new files are files that are not yet present in the Amazon S3 bucket. Options -s instructs S3Express to also upload files that are in subfolders of c:\myfolder\. -onlynew (upload only new files), -onlynewer (upload only files that have a newer timestamp) and -onlyexisting (re-upload only files that are already present on S3) are also available.

The S3Express manual is available for consultation online:

Download free 21-day trial today!

TGRMN Software Support
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