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File Filters

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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:06 am    Post subject: File Filters Reply with quote

Can I modify the default setting for File Filters to Include by default rather than exclude.

I've created a text file with files including paths that I want to include however when I load the text file, every entry is flagged as Excluded by default. I then would have to select each entry, select edit and then select Include.

Please Help. I really hope the anwer is favorable.
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TGRMN Software
Site Admin

Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Posts: 8467

PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, it should be possible, please post text file you are using to import filters, thanks
TGRMN Software Support
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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:06 am    Post subject: File Filter Text File Reply with quote

Here is the File Filter Text File I'd like to INCLUDE rather than EXCLUDE upon loading the txt. file.

This would be really helpful.

So how do I post my text file? It's 17KB with 265 lines!

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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Big Ideas for 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\FACT SHEET ON O.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Gettysburg Address.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Good things 2006-2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Good things.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Lawsuit talking points - March 30, 2006.DOC
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Proc for Year of Armed Forces and Veterans.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Sales tax veto - June 21, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SKW County Fiscal Presentation 2007-2011.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Agenda.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\BHD letter to MJS - Sept 29, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget Brief Overview - 9-28-2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget Speech - Sept 14, 2006 - part II.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget Speech - Sept 14, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget Speech - September 28, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget Speech Ideas - August 24, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Budget story time line.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Column for CNI.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Column on challenges - April 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Communications Plan.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Finance and Audit Committee comments - 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Finance and Audit Committee comments - Nov 1, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\ICSC - April 25, 2006.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\ideas.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Letter to public on budget.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Park District - June 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Park District - points - June 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Park District White Paper - August 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Parks District letter to Darling and Stone - June 23, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Parks letter to delegation - June 27, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Potential Line Item Vetoes.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Address - bil.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Reaction to the alternative budget proposal made.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Address with guests.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2009 budget\2009 budget communications plan - draft.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Response to County Board Budget - 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Address.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2009 budget\2009 budget speech draft.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\State help.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\CoExec927Speechdraft FRAN.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Taxes.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2009 budget\Comments to Finance Committee on Nov 5, 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Column for Glendale Chamber.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\themes.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2009 budget\Ideas - part II.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Column.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Veto message.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2009 budget\Ideas.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\ICC letter - Oct 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Vetoes.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\MJS Op Ed column on budget - Nov 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\~WRL0001.tmp
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\11.16.09 2010 budget op-ed.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Parks budget - Oct 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\~WRL0003.tmp
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\11.16.09 MJS op-ed 2010 budgetDRAFT.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Parks Package.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\2010 Budget Listening Session Final - with pension.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Public Safety Package.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2011 budget\2011 Transit Highlights.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2008 budget\Veto Message.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\2010 Budget Listening Session Final.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2011 budget\Address.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Address.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2011 budget\Clinical Positions in BHD.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\5 year plan\Insure Public Safety.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Budget Issues.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2011 budget\DRAFT 1 SKW - Fran.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\5 year plan\Milwaukee County Status Report.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2011 budget\DRAFT Health & Human Services.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\column.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\5 year plan\Overview.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Hot issues as of August 26, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Aging\Expectations for 2008 to 2012.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Office of Economic Advocacy.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Overview.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\BHD\Increasing Challenges for Behavior Health Division.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\Veto message.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\~$dget Issues.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2010 Budget\~WRL3278.tmp
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Buy In and Back\Column for MJS 8-5-07.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Buy In and Back\Message for Friday August 3, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Buy In and Back\Names for panel.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Cabinet\Expectations - 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\CE Ride\Top Ten List 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Economic Dialogue 20089\Webpage.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\DHHS\17 year old audit - testimony to Leg Audit Comm April 10, 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Executive Update\April 28, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\GMC\Budget Reforms - June 2009.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\HOC\Expectations for 2008 to 2012.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Jobs\ICC and GMC letter - Jan 19, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Jobs\Jobs Agenda.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\krm\The Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Award.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Jobs\Memo to board on projects - Jan 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Jobs\Overview 2010.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\10 ideas for tough budgets.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Business meeting - Nov 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Jobs\Talking points on stimulus.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\5 Year Accomplishments.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Compare County and City plans.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Metro government\Various options - April 20, 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Medical Society\Health Care.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Email to Jerry Resler - May 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Budget forecast - response to editorial of March 4, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Fast Lanes.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Milwaukee 7\Memo of praise on Aug 2006 meeting.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Business Journal - June 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\GMC report - 2007.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Business Journal column - June 23, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\ICC - address concerns by Mayor Barrett.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Channel 12 - questions on Gov impact 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\ICC - June 9, 2008 meeting on transit.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Crossroads - March 25, 2007 - MCTS.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\ICC presentation - May 12, 2008.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Crossroads column on Connector - May 8, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\August 9, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\July 9, 2008.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\Expectations for 2008 to 2012.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Letter to ICC members.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Ideas - April 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Memo on Mayor's plan.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\Expectations for 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Letter to Mayor on PIC - March 26, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\July 25, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Metropolitan Area Transit.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Letter on budget editorial - June 23, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\MJS column on sales tax - June 6, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\Park District.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Letter to PIC board members.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Letter to state workforce council - March 23, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Planning 2007\Review document.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Overview of tenure (with vision) - June 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\MMAC letter - Sept 20, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Questions for March 22, 2007 meeting.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Overview of tenure - June 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\SMART plus.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Sales Tax Veto - 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\PIC\Workforce Development in Region meeting on Feb 21, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Sales Tax Veto - MJS letter - July 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Support for the Bus System vs.rail - Feb 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Swearing In April 14, 2008 - longer.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Trans Project.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Reinvent Government\Budget Reform - March 30, 2009 - white paper.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Swearing In April 14, 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Reinvent Government\Budget Reform - March 30, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\~$erview of tenure (with vision) - June 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\Vision for Regional Transit.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Sales Tax\Crossroads - Nov 2, 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Reinvent Government\Finance Reform.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Sheriff\2010 Public Safety and Law Enforcement Highlights.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Sheriff\Statement on 2010 budget.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2007 USS Freedom draft updates.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2007 USS Freedom.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Staff\Director of Community Relations - August 6, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\MMAC letter.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\RTA proposal.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Stimulus\Interesting story from the online publication Wispolitics.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Taxes\Tax Cuts Better Than Bailouts.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC - 2008.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Taxes\Tax Freedom Day 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC - progess list and goals list 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC - proposals for 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC 2007 (updated Feb 5).doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC 2008 Power Point.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\SOC 2010 Overview.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\vetoes\.5% sales tax increase - Sept 1, 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\State of County 2010.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Vets\Veterans Overview - March 28, 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\State of County Draft 2010.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\War Room\COS.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\~$ate of County Draft 2010.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\War Room\October Assignments.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\War Room\Overview - Oct 2006.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Budget\2007 Budget\Budget Spring Presentation\skw spring presentation (ICSC April 25, 2006).ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\Mental Illness\BHD budget.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\MCTS\BRT\Bus rapid transit - PTA.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Columns\Crossroads - August 16, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Parks\Park District\Park District 2007 Project.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2009\2002- 2009.ppt
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Columns\Future of transit - March 23, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2009\Economic Stimulus for 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Columns\Jobs - August 2007.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2009\Speech text - as of Feb 9, 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2009\Speech text - Jan 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\Media\Columns\Reform County Government - Aug 2009.doc
M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\SOC\2009\speech text 6, Feb. 13 a.m. edits.doc
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TGRMN Software
Site Admin

Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Posts: 8467

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Add Include> before each line.

For example:

TGRMN Software Support
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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:37 pm    Post subject: Thanks, It works but... Reply with quote

The maximum number of filters is only 250. All other filters will be dropped. Why such a limitation? I have 265 entries with one profile. And I plan on executing similar profiles for other owners of files.

Can the file filter be increased over 250?
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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:31 pm    Post subject: Remove Filters Reply with quote

Is the only way to remove filters is one by one. So if I created a filter with 250 filters, I can't select them all and remove them. Can a Select All option be added to the Remove filter. And once again, can we increase the number of filters that's allowed.

My scenario, I have 2000 files created by a user account. I want to copy/replicate those files created by that user account from the source to a target location. This is definitely possible working with the current version, but it could be a lot less cummbersome if the suggestions listed here are added, it would make the job so much easier.
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TGRMN Software
Site Admin

Joined: 10 Jan 2005
Posts: 8467

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, it's currently not possible to increase that limit, but you could group filters together, for instance:

M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\*

this filter includes all files in M:\Data\SharedEX\Fidelity\2007 budget\

TGRMN Software Support
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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
Posts: 18
Location: Milwaukee WI

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Admin. In most instances, creating filters by folders and subfolders would work. But for this project, I need to replicate by user account who created the file and I can't guaranty that every file in the folder was created by the same user.

I'm littterally copying/replicating thousands of folders and files per user account who created the file(s).

ViceVersa has been invaluable in my replication efforts even with the limits built into it.
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