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ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 Released

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:57 am    Post subject: ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 Released Reply with quote

ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 Released

-> Download ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 <-

Installation Notes
    * ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 installs over version 2 (or previous build of version 2.5) and replaces it.
    It is not needed to uninstall first. All previous settings, including all the profiles, are maintained. This also includes VVScheduler settings, VVLauncher settings and VVEngine settings.

Upgrading from previous ViceVersa PRO 2.5 build
    * Upgrading is free.

Upgrading from ViceVersa PRO 2
    * After a 30-day free trial, ViceVersa PRO 2.5 requires a new license code. An upgrade from version 2 can be purchased for existing installations here:

What's New in ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501

E-Mail Notifications

* New: Added ability to include the log file in the notification e-mail by using the variable %VV_LOG_FILE_CONTENT%
This variable includes the content of the profile log file in the e-mail (if a log file has been set in the profile settings) but limited to the last profile run and to a maximum of approximately 50KB. For instance, this variable can be added at the end of the e-mail body text. Note that this variable cannot be used in custom scripts, it can only be used in the e-mail body text.
* Fixed: Fixed problem with sending notification e-mail via certain e-mail servers.

Windows 7 / Vista

* New: Added support for the new I/O prioritization functionality in Windows 7 and Vista. ViceVersa PRO requests low I/O priority if the Idle, Low or Below Normal values are used in profile settings -> performance -> Process Priority. In that case, all folder scanning and file copying operations performed by ViceVersa will be of lower priority when compared to other I/O operations of other applications running at the same time on the same computer. When using these values, ViceVersa will not impact the overall responsiveness of the computer and the copy/scanning will go ahead silently in the background. When running on Windows 7, Vista, 2008 or newer, ViceVersa will also use the new I/O prioritization capabilities to improve system responsiveness without significantly decreasing overall throughput. The recommended and default value for Process Priority is Idle (the lowest priority).
* Improved: Fine tuned High DPI support. ViceVersa PRO is now fully compatible with High DPI monitor settings in Windows 7 and Vista.

Additional File Data Streams

* Fixed: Fixed issue with copying certain Additional File Data Streams (e.g. MAC forks) between NTFS volumes. Issue present in ViceVersa PRO 64-bit version only.

Volume Shadow Copy

* Fixed: Fixed problem with listing Volume Shadow Copy writers with dependencies in their metadata.
* Fixed: Fixed incorrect Volume Shadow Copy error reported when two Hyper-V machine's names start with same text.
* New: Added ability to use * to match multiple Hyper-V machines and SQL databases when using the VSS:\\ notation.
* Improved: Added more details to the Volume Shadow Copy error message if a Volume Shadow Copy writer fails during Volume Shadow Copy creation.


* New: Added capability to enter the license code via the command line for automated installations. See help file for more details.
* Fixed: Fixed problem with .tmp files accumulating in the temp folder if two or more ViceVersa profiles share the same log file.
* Fixed: Fixed problem with file exclusion when "older than 1 day" is specified in the profile settings.
* Fixed: Fixed incorrect conflicts reported when synchronizing Outlook PST files.
* Updated: Updated password handling for encrypted folders.

What's New in ViceVersa PRO 2.5


-> Download ViceVersa PRO 2.5 Build 2501 <-
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