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Synchronize JPEG and RAW files

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:56 am    Post subject: Synchronize JPEG and RAW files Reply with quote


There is a sync job I need to perform regularily. ViceVersa can't do it (yet?), hence my suggestion.

I have two directory trees, both containing a number of directories and files.
Initially, the two trees are identical from a content point of view, but the format of the files in Tree A is different from the format in Tree B (e.g. tree A contains word files, and tree B contains PDF files generated from the word files).

--> Now I start cleaning up files in Tree A (delete some of the files, create new directories, move files around, delete empty directories). I do NOT: Add files, or rename files.

The sync job I want to perform now is to automatically clean up Tree B in the exact same manner, so that after the "sync" the trees are "identical" once more. No files go from A to B, ever: Tree A is only used as a "template" to determine how Tree B should be reorganized.

In my special case it is not word files I have to sync, it is digital pictures: Tree A contains JPEGs, Tree B contains RAW files.

Some more notes:
- In general, whether or not two files are "identical" can only be determined via their filename (minus the extension, of course). In special cases there is metadata in the files which can be used in addition: The picture files contain EXIF data such as the Date/Time the picture was taken, which is present (and identical) in both JPEG and RAW files.
- Periodically, files get added simultaneously to Tree A and Tree B, then they are cleaned up manually again in Tree A, and Tree B needs to be re-synced.
- It should be clear by now that files are never added to Tree B by the sync job: If there is a file in Tree A which is missing in Tree B, nothing happens.
- There might be unrelated files in either Tree A or Tree B (such as hidden Thumb.DB files). The ones in Tree A should be ignored, the ones in Tree B should all be deleted.
- Case is to be ignored while comparing file names
- Case has be retained when creating directories in Tree B
- Since files in Tree B are only moved, not created, the name or other attributes of files in Tree B never change.
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